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What's happening in the Racers Garage

Must Transfer rFactor2 to STEAM!

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With the rFactor2 merger between ISI and Studio-397 a few significant changes have been announced.

1. ALL rFactor licenses purchased through ISI MUST be converted to STEAM by January 31, 2017 in order to receive future updates. If you have an original ISI version and do not convert it to STEAM, your game will be obsolete. Studio-397 has already released one "STEAM-ONLY" update. Follow the link below to get your Steam Key which can be cashed in at anytime but you only have until January 31st to do this. https://commerce.rfactor.net/steam-transfer-form Note that your ISI key version will then be invalid once transferred. You MUST use the email address you used to register rFactor2!

2. There is no longer a "fee" to race online. All rFactor online racing is now free with the STEAM version. This hurts for those of us who bought the "Lifetime" version but it will be great for increasing the number of online racers!

3. DirectX 11 is coming along with a totally new UI early in 2017. This is another update many of us have wanted.

Last Updated on Friday, 06 January 2017 12:05

A new web site is coming!

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Please excuse the extremely outdated information currently on our site. We are working on an entirely new website for our redlinegamers.com / racersgarage.com domains! The new site will contain information on all of the games we play and are interested in.

Additionally, we are trying to rebuild the great group of racers we had back in the heyday of online stock car racing. With the racing with rFactor2 becoming better all the time, we can hopefully host some of the great races we had in the past!

So please check back occasionally to see if our new site is up!